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The things I don't want to lose are the colours of the rainbow and you...

30 January
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~ Nothing Sweet About Me ~
Name: Anna
Nickname: Angela, Ami, whatever >.< ;P
Born: 30th January 1988 in Poland. Obaasan

About myself:

· I’m average as much as you can imagine. I just have a bit luck sometimes
I’m studying International Economic Relations at Cracow University of Economics, Poland
April-August 2010 at Hiroshima University of Economics
Though I’m interested in visual kei in general, there is only one band that I cannot live without and it’s Alice Nine <3
There are two guys that are always in my heart: my dad and Shou-kun :P Others just come and go…:)
I am addicted to music. It’s been proved that it’s possible and I’m a good example d(^_^)b
I cannot live without Starbucks soy latte and coffee in general
I’m studying Japanese and original purpose was only to understand anime and Alice Nine’s lyrics without checking on net. That’s my motivation and Shou knows it. At least I hope :P
Alice Nine official fanclub ‘Club Alice' member
Have been to Alice live at Zepp Tokyo on April 10, 2010, Club Alice only live in Shibuya O-East on July 5,2010 (Shou's b-day! <3)
Anime and j-drama addict. Watch one after another
I’m very tall. 180 cm. Actually don’t know why I mention it, maybe cause it’s pretty funny to be in Japan now and be tallest person everywhere >.< Is it?
I spend too much money on sweets and cannot even regret it properly :P
Love to be social but really cherish my private time
Before I started to be interested in visual kei (or rather it was the same time), I used to listen to rap and hip-hop. Still don’t know what was that supposed to be ;P

Music: Alice Nine, Scarecrow, Kelun, 2ne1, The Gazette, Big Bang, Jang Geun Suk, Miyavi, Yiruma, Yui, ViViD, MBLAQ, Kotani Kinya, Kenichi Ito, Givuss, Abingdon Boys School, j-music and k-music in general, v-kei in general

Anime: Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Bleach, Code Geass, Gintama, D-Gray Man, Dragon Ball (4eva!), Macross, Full Metal Alchemist plus many many others that I watch currently

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