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14 April 2010 @ 11:58 am
kyaaaaaaaaaa ~  
I hate him, I swear I hate Shou-kun :D He's doing it on purpose!Today before classes I just checked his blog and he posted that photo :

He wrote sth like he got bored by his look so is thinking about new earpiercing and also checking red contacts...or maybe I didn't understand right,but whatever,I was too much in love with the photo <3 Of course it totally made my day, but why the hell does he have to be so cute :P

I took some pictures of pamphlet that I bought before live in Tokyo. I am going to scan them, as soon as I will find out where to do it. Possibly at my uni there is a scanner, check it tomorrow! I'm only wondering how to explain that I need a scanner O_O Maybe I'll prepare a speech today or something...;>

Another thing because of which I hate Shou is that I bought this pamphlet only because of one sample photo that was shown by the uriba. I just saw it and thought "I need to have it":P It's all about the eyes *_*

Also like these. And Tora's pics are so great *______*

My camera obviously sux to such photos, but still, I love the pamphlet ^_^

Today was so cold in Hiroshima.Again!And funny thing is that Japanese students seem to be used to it and they're wearing clothes that I would normally wear under another six jackets . But I don't have six jackets here. I have one and it's not enough to make me stop freezing. But all exchange students are like that. I guess it's just an other climate. E.g. today it was a normal day, no rain (finally!) and the air humidity was over 50 % O_O In Poland when it rains the humidity reaches 50 %. In Japan, about 95, I think :P

Obviously instead of cooking I went to explore Hiroshima's food market. I mean, some supermarkets and shops little bit cheaper than Aeon Mall. Of course all of us was doing shopping in the Aeon,since it's huge,closest (about 5 minutes from my flat) and we only knew that place. Hiroshima downtown is about 8 km from my place thus buying there won't work. I am too lazy to catch a train to downtown each time I wanna buy eggs :P One plus of Aeon is Starbucks :P

But at yesterday's classes my advisor was suprised that we buy in Aeon and not in cheaper places. Oh,c'mon,we're here for a week only! But he told us he himself buys in Fresta and Pro-foods. So I went to check out where it is. About 10 minutes away and prices are really better! I made some shopping,so once again I'll challenge cooking. Tomorrow :P It's because sometimes when you add prices of products+energy+time to cook, it takes more than when you just eat somewhere.On the other hand, when you eat at home you don't need to worry about all those Japanese people looking at you :P Like when me and my friend wanted to order udon. I told the lady (in Japanese) which one we want, but even though she came to us and we had to show her at the picture ^_^ All were looking at us like at some baka gaijintachi, but who cares :D

About communication with Japanese, I noticed something funny. When I get lost (because GPS in my head is not working at all) and am coming up to Japanese to ask about the way, they look at me so frightened and probably are thinking "oh noes". But when you start to speak just a little bit in Japanese, they are the most friendly people in the world. Even if they don't know the way, they'll find someone who knows! And they will go with you,if the way is to complicated. And still smiling! That's totally different from Poland,where if you ask someone,they'll just tell you they don't know,and bai bai. I really have a lot of respect for Japanese people for that :)

Since today is just an ordinary day, I'll do my Japanese homework and think about proposition of my subject for Independent Study with prof.Harada. Need to add that all classes here are so freakin interesting!Do all Japanese learn such cool things?If so,I am moving to Japan. It's only Wednesday,we still haven't met all lecturers and all classes, but after those I had,I would like to attend all. Time to decide! :D
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shoua9: SXTshoua9 on April 14th, 2010 10:17 am (UTC)
ah i saw some of the pamphlet samples around lol
thanks alot for taking tora pics . shou looks really cool ~

dont worry about them when there looking when u order lol
they just wanna check how can u solve it im sure www

cuz same thing happened to me when i was at ghibli museum but everyone is kind and helpful . i remember one time at roppongi i was asking for an Italian restaurant from a Japanese restaurant at a same shopping center and the chef actually took me to it even though it was 4 floors up i was really touched there very loyal in some way > , <
Japanese never say NO or i dont know .
angela468 on April 14th, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Your welcome :D I just so wanted to scan them, so as to share with people when I finally have it :))

Yeah,I think you are right about the Japanese,they won't say no. They'll say "muzukashii",they'll say their famous "chotto" but never "no".

Btw,you were at the Roppongi ^_^ I've never been there,but heard the legends about that place :P
mandramoddlemandramoddle on April 14th, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
*steals the Tora pics* XD Thanks for taking pics of the pamphlet. X__X

Gurrl, if you are complaining about the humidity there where it's still at least cool, you would DIE here. Right now we're getting a lot of rain and since it's Spring the weather is warm. Hot weather+Humidity= EWW GROSS GROSS.

And wow! My respect for the Japanese just increased. I'm also amazed at how polite you're describing them. That would NEVER happen where I live also.
angela468 on April 15th, 2010 01:22 am (UTC)
You're welcome!I'll try to scan all of them soon,cause there are more! :D

Oyoy, then I shall stop complaining:D But it's going to be the same here in Hiro,when rainy season comes. That will be like hell I think O_O And you already have it! So how's the summer in your place if spring is already THAT hot? ;>

Yeah,I also heard that they're polite and so on,but never thought that that much. Really,they'll say millions of 'irashaimase" when you enter the shop or sth,I know it's they're work,but it's so different from my culture,really. And university stuff is always saying "hello" to me when I am going to school. I have a culture shock lol.
mandramoddlemandramoddle on April 15th, 2010 02:17 am (UTC)
Yay! I can't wait. ^__^

Summer here is horrible. It can get up to 42 celcius and WITH humidity. Needless to say the electric bill goes way up in the summertime. T___T

I'd love to live in a place where people are that polite. But at first I'd probably be like "?" lol
angela468 on April 16th, 2010 01:32 am (UTC)
OMFG,42 celcius O_O Even in Poland,where I thought summer is horrible with about dry 35 celcius...plus humidity,you won :P And yeah,air conditioning is freakin money eater,ne?

Crazy thing is that at the moment I need to heaten up my room and in a week or so I'll need to use air con,when it'll get hot O_O

Hehe,yeah. I was totally like "?" :D:D

Btw,love your icon,extreme close-up <3
mandramoddlemandramoddle on April 16th, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)
I hate the heat. BUT, it is good for lounging about and tanning. :P

That's usually the way it is here in the Winter. We'll get a cold front and it'll be freezing (about 5-10 celcius) and 4 days later it'll be 10-20 degrees warmer. It's insane!

And thanks. XD I wanted to make it bigger but LJ has stupid restrictions on size limit of icons. >[