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18 April 2010 @ 04:37 pm
Too much to say,as always xD  
Free Sunday! <3 I was dreaming about totally free day since I came here. I woke up today totally not-relaxed, with hurting throat, hurting feet, but who cares ^_^ Yesterday's trip was so cool! :D First we wanted to go to zoo, but since the weather was very nice and we were late to meet our Japanese friend, we had to go somewhere by ourselves. Hate being late, not to mention when it is Japanese to meet. They're always so punctual and what is worse, they won't tell you what they think about you if they've been waiting for you for 40 minutes and had to go. Dunno what sux more. Argh,if only Henri was on time. Well,it happens >.<'

So we caught a bus to Prince Something...Grand Prince Hotel?Yeah,maybe :D Anyways, it is situated by the sea and there's a bay,way to the beach and lots of green. Cool place to spend Saturday, many people came there for the barbecue, fishing or just taking a walk and breathing with fresh air. So did we ^_^ View was amazing. I didn't think that Hiro has such beautiful places *__*

I felt like a little girl there, walking at the beach, searching for shells (I took some to my room <3), just walking on sand. Too bad the wind was really cold, I would surely try to get to the water lol

Btw,that bottle lol Whoever left it: dude,we're in Japan! You just DON'T leave bottles and any other trashes like that. You just DON'T O_O That's the first thing I've learnt here (well,maybe after that Lawson konbini has freakin big prices xD): garbage collection or live :P

Japanese are so careful about garbage that it have become something like...everyday ritual,part of everyone's life. In our kitchen we have this:

We have strict instructions what to put where. PET bottles, different bag. First need to take off the label and cap and put it to the different bag. Before chucking bentou wrapping you need to wash it with water and so on,so on...of course combustible garbages must be put in special paper bags,other in foil bags,transparent so as people who pick up garbages knew if you've put right things inside...KOWAI O_O I swear, sometimes I spend few minutes in front of our garbage place before I guess where I should put sth. At the moment we have, about 10, I think different bags. And we have a schedule of when particular parts of garbage are picked up,need to leave it before 8.30 AM. But it's not the end. If dustman will decide you didn't segregate garbages right, he won't pick it up. You need to take it back, segregate again. If not, you may be complained by neighbours and have some problems. I'm scared...gash,tomorrow it's our first picking up lol wonder how will it go :P Oh,and the reason why I am not used to such strict rules is that in Poland we just put plastic to plastic, glass to glass...and here, PET bottles, plastic bottles and cosmetic bottles are not the same thing...T_T'

That was just another too long digression :P After the sea we came back to downtown to eat something. I need to say that. I ate in McDonald in Japan lol...I promised myself that will never happen, but in fact it did xD Just because we were all too hungry and tired to look something more traditional that everyone would like to eat. So,hello,Big Mac :P

The difference between McDonald's in Japan and my country? More expensive,I think, to order something you more use your fingers than mouth xD Rest is the same, though I didn't see grape Fanta in Polish McDonald's xD

When everyone was full of energy we started part II,shopping xD Well,girls started. Guys went to see Peace Memorial Park so we've decided to discover Hondori Street ^_^ We found many fancy shops with lots of sales. Prices was really good,considering we're in Japan. But it was cheaper in Poland! And I bought a skirt. I sooo bought a skirt. It's strange cause I rarely wear dresses. Oh,no,I NEVER wear them cause I hate my legs :D:D But I bought it,it's very short,very Japanese-style and what the hell was I thinking buying it?! :P But cool side of Japan is that here you can wear whatever you want,even a pijama and noone cares. It's very easy to catch that trend,especially that many Japanese girls don't look like they have any complexes or sth. Oh,and considering that I am 180 cm tall I thought I will never buy any clothes here. Nothing more far away from true! And in many shops prices are not that high. I paid for my skirt as much as for last food shopping in supermarket >.<

I am wondering if anyone read that to the end...:D Because I think we just had an earthquake here xD My walls,doors and everything started to shake a bit lol...I'm scared. It's the second time. Last time was at night and Alice said her bed started to move. The other friend had the same feeling. And I was sleeping like dead,as always,so I didn't notice anything :P So my next task for today: get to know what to do in case of earthquake. Welcome to Japan <3 :D
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mandramoddlemandramoddle on April 18th, 2010 10:56 pm (UTC)
I read it all! XD

The pictures you posted are so awesome. We have palm trees everywhere here and the beach is about an hour and a half away but it's nowhere near as beautiful as the one you visited. And, btw I still love to look for seashells too. Some are too pretty to leave lying on the beach! I also HATE people who litter. I'm the type of person that if I saw that bottle lying there I would probably pick it up and throw it away. >>

I hate being late too. :\ It's so embarrassing to not show up at the time promised and I feel like I let people down by doing that. :P

And omg the Japanese really love their recycling don't they? Here we have 2 trash bins issue by the city. The black one is for trash and the blue one is for all recycling materials. That's it. Seeing that chart almost gave me a headache. haha

I've heard about McDonald's being about twice as expensive as it is in America. My ex-stepfather was stationed in Japan and he said to my mom that the prices are insane. What you pay over there for one meal could pay for two people over here. O_O Maybe he was exaggerating though.. :P

YAY! I don't like wearing skirts or dresses either. I also don't like my legs and for that reason I also never wear shorts in public. >_< And wow! You're almost as tall as Tora! It's been mentioned to me before that it's very hard for foreigners to shop in Japan because the clothes are so much smaller. So awesome you were able to find something cute. ^__^
angela468 on April 19th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
Hehe,that's true,I was laughing that I'll tell everyone I was in Miami Beach :P In Poland we don't have palm trees at all,so you're so lucky yeah! :D Kyaa,so we're just the same :D I love seashells <3

Point for you,in Japan that'd be very appreciated :D I noticed that bottle only after I was looking at pictures at my laptop. Too bad that people who go there for barbecue forget to take trashes back ;/

Haha,that's exactly the same in Poland,that's why I had another culture shock when I had to wonder where to put my lollipop stick. Because it's like plastick...but is it really? XD

I think your stepfather was pretty right about McDonalds! That set I ordered was almost 700 yen,I dunno how to convert it right,but in Poland it would be at least 30 % cheaper,I guess. And I don't know how are prices in McDonald's in your place :D And once I ordered udon,looooots of udon and two pieces of fish and paid 400 yen. So,in Japan you eat Japanese food, cause American or European is so expensive T_T

But I saw your picture in that dress lately,gash,if I would look like that I would wear dresses all the time! Besides,that's the main reason I decided to intervene when I lost on weight. Cause your figure is perfect and I'm jealous,really :D:D And I also thought I won't be able to buy anything here,but that's totally not true,they have all sizes you need. Maybe I won't buy trousers cause am too tall,but other clothes-no problem :D

I know I am so tall,that's annoying T_T But at least Saga,Tora and Shou noticed me at the concert lol cause I was sticking out of the crowd :P
mandramoddlemandramoddle on April 19th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
I don't really consider myself lucky because palm trees breed cockroaches. D: I think those type of trees are ugly too. lol And it's scary because they're so skinny that when we get hurricanes here they sometimes break in half and can damage property. >_<

That one bottle on the beach still makes it look so clean compared to the beaches here. There's trash everywhere. It's kind of heartbreaking that people are so lazy and don't pick up after themselves. >\

HAHA. The lollipop sticks in America are usually made out of paper so we toss them in with the paper stuff. The ones in Mexico though are made out of plastic. :P

WOW. That's about $6-7 in America. Usually a Big Mac meal is about $4 or so. I think if I ever move to Japan I'll become a vegetarian lol

Aww thanks! I just don't like wearing dresses unless I have to. >_< I would love to see the clothing stores in Japan. LUCKY YOU!

And don't feel bad for being tall! I'm shorter than you (172 1/2 cm) and I feel tall where I live because so many people (men and women) are really short and stumpy. lol That's why I can't ever marry anyone from here. T__T I like tall guys. XD AND OMG I'm even more jealous that my 3 faves were checking you out! X__X