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30 April 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Gahh,I'm so lazy. It took me almost a week, but I need to describe last Sunday xD Tanoshikatta kara ne (‐^▽^‐)

So, as scheduled, we had a tea ceremony in Shukkeien Garden. At 10AM all girls met Miho (our Int. Students Advisor) in front of Lawson,near to my place. Weather was soooo beautiful, we couldn't dream on anything better here in this rainy Hiroshima. We had to be in the Garden earlier than boys so as to wear kimono, that we've chosen earlier. Tea ceremony without a kimono is not a tea ceremony!

When we got there,I almost screamed. Shukkeien is such an amazing place! But we had to hurry up,cause it was so many girls and only few Japanese woman who could help us wear kimono properly, so I decided to leave taking photos for later.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,I don't want to wear kimono anymore. OK,it's cool,it's Japanese,it's stylish,it's exotic,it's great experience,but still...my stomach hurt so bad T__T Not to mention we were wearing it quite long, Tsukasa-san and some other lady did their efforts to squeeze my poor waist with another and another belt o_O

I think at this photo it is a first phase of this freakin jigoku :P That black hair sth is me, and you can see my roommate,Alice, with her kimono done. Kawaii desu ne :) And one more haha, as I mentioned, I'm 1,80 cm,so everything is too short for me, even the kimono underwear lol...I wonder where did they found such a long kimono (_ _。)

So when everyone was ready and also boys arrive, we was given a short lesson of what to do during the ceremony. Fortunately Miyaoka Sensei told me a bit during first Japanese classes,so it wasn't that kowai. First we made all those official things like admirning of takonoma. Wakeiseijaku. Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. I would almost be able to feel it, if I wasn't that scared that I will fall trying to stand up from seiza position in kimono. With left foot of course. Cause with right foot you come, and leave with left. Wa...kei...sei...*breath*

Then,eatin' eatin' eatin' (*^ー^)ノ no gurl,not eating, your stomach is all squeezed. Besides, these are only sweets before drinking the tea. Whatever, I couldn't eat anything, it was too painful. I swear, I understand why Japanese young girls don't wear kimono often :P So it was our chakaiseki:

Then time for real ceremony! Gahh,I even dunno what to say. It was amazing feeling to seat there, on tatami in the tea room, in this beautiful quiet garden, listening to the wind and mildly boiling water. Ichi go,ichi e...ne?I think I a bit get that idea now...

About the tea,hmm,a bit bitter, but still quite good. Of course another thing was to drink it properly, first turning the tea bowl twice...oh,OK,it was quite stressful-not. Wa..kei...

When we finished official part, there was a time to relax a bit. Also relax our legs,gosh,seiza is so hard,I need to practice it more often! But I shall not, my doctor told me not to do any sports or anything to overdo my knees,eh,whatever :D Sensei explained us everything about the ceremony, starting with equipement,finishing with kinds and prices of tea. We were also told that tea used during our ceremony was one of these of very good quality. So that's why it was so tasty...aaa,sou (*^.^*) At the end, small group photo:

Ahh,then we had some free time to spend in Shukkeien Garden. It was funny,all the Japanese people were taking photos of us. OK,I know that so many gaijintachi running in kimonos is not common view hehe ☆

So it's one of them. I mean,me >.<

But so as not to destroy this beautiful view with my person, I have some pics of the garden. Sutekiiiiii <3

What a nice day, it was. After Tea Ceremony we all went to eat okonomiyaki. Finally~! I wantes to try it since I came to Japan. The place we went to was really Japanese style, with totally great decoration,lights and everything. Also the offer of the day was really good, I paid 1000 yen and got not only okonomiyaki, but also salad,chicken,french fries, and lots of udon. I was full before starting to do my okonomiyaki xD But I am so proud of it,it's my first okonomiyaki ever...and so tasty. Itadakimasu!

It was so big,that I couldn't eat everything. I gave half of my portion to Henri. He's a great rescue every time you feel you cannot eat any more :P

After that I spend some time hanging out on the Hondori Street, in millions of Japanese shops full of everything I would like to have,if I had enough money and place in my bag xD So I ended up buying only a skirt. Damn,another one :P But this one was only for 1200 yen,almost like my okonomiyaki T___T''

Yeah...really Japanese-style-day,wasn't it?:)
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24 April 2010 @ 12:25 pm
OK,I did it. I swear, I'm too technologically-retarded to do sth like that. Especially in Japan.

But still, ne...I found a freakin scanner. Japanese scanner ^_^ Soshite I explained why I need to use it not for scanning a document but pamphlet. I was late for my Japanese Economy classes cause the device didn't want to co-operate xD But who cares about Japanese society's caste system in XVIII century, it's Alice Nine after all!! And I can finally share sth Arisu I owe :D

EDIT: rescanned lacking pages, though I am not sure if I'll ever be able to use this Japanese devices properly xD

Download all scans (new links) MFCollapse ) or MUCollapse )

Rules...ok, I have no idea, since I didn't posted anything yet but:
-> Enjoy ;)
-> If you want to use them for graphics and so on, I suggest you should do it. Cause they're lovely! :D
-> Credits will be nice (cause it's my first time I'd get credits for sth, am so excited hehe)
-> Just don't repost as your own, since I've made some effort to scan it in that freakin Hiroshima xD
-> Once again, enjoy (^_^)v
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18 April 2010 @ 04:37 pm
Free Sunday! <3 I was dreaming about totally free day since I came here. I woke up today totally not-relaxed, with hurting throat, hurting feet, but who cares ^_^ Yesterday's trip was so cool! :D First we wanted to go to zoo, but since the weather was very nice and we were late to meet our Japanese friend, we had to go somewhere by ourselves. Hate being late, not to mention when it is Japanese to meet. They're always so punctual and what is worse, they won't tell you what they think about you if they've been waiting for you for 40 minutes and had to go. Dunno what sux more. Argh,if only Henri was on time. Well,it happens >.<'

So we caught a bus to Prince Something...Grand Prince Hotel?Yeah,maybe :D Anyways, it is situated by the sea and there's a bay,way to the beach and lots of green. Cool place to spend Saturday, many people came there for the barbecue, fishing or just taking a walk and breathing with fresh air. So did we ^_^ View was amazing. I didn't think that Hiro has such beautiful places *__*

I felt like a little girl there, walking at the beach, searching for shells (I took some to my room <3), just walking on sand. Too bad the wind was really cold, I would surely try to get to the water lol

Btw,that bottle lol Whoever left it: dude,we're in Japan! You just DON'T leave bottles and any other trashes like that. You just DON'T O_O That's the first thing I've learnt here (well,maybe after that Lawson konbini has freakin big prices xD): garbage collection or live :P

Japanese are so careful about garbage that it have become something like...everyday ritual,part of everyone's life. In our kitchen we have this:

We have strict instructions what to put where. PET bottles, different bag. First need to take off the label and cap and put it to the different bag. Before chucking bentou wrapping you need to wash it with water and so on,so on...of course combustible garbages must be put in special paper bags,other in foil bags,transparent so as people who pick up garbages knew if you've put right things inside...KOWAI O_O I swear, sometimes I spend few minutes in front of our garbage place before I guess where I should put sth. At the moment we have, about 10, I think different bags. And we have a schedule of when particular parts of garbage are picked up,need to leave it before 8.30 AM. But it's not the end. If dustman will decide you didn't segregate garbages right, he won't pick it up. You need to take it back, segregate again. If not, you may be complained by neighbours and have some problems. I'm scared...gash,tomorrow it's our first picking up lol wonder how will it go :P Oh,and the reason why I am not used to such strict rules is that in Poland we just put plastic to plastic, glass to glass...and here, PET bottles, plastic bottles and cosmetic bottles are not the same thing...T_T'

That was just another too long digression :P After the sea we came back to downtown to eat something. I need to say that. I ate in McDonald in Japan lol...I promised myself that will never happen, but in fact it did xD Just because we were all too hungry and tired to look something more traditional that everyone would like to eat. So,hello,Big Mac :P

The difference between McDonald's in Japan and my country? More expensive,I think, to order something you more use your fingers than mouth xD Rest is the same, though I didn't see grape Fanta in Polish McDonald's xD

When everyone was full of energy we started part II,shopping xD Well,girls started. Guys went to see Peace Memorial Park so we've decided to discover Hondori Street ^_^ We found many fancy shops with lots of sales. Prices was really good,considering we're in Japan. But it was cheaper in Poland! And I bought a skirt. I sooo bought a skirt. It's strange cause I rarely wear dresses. Oh,no,I NEVER wear them cause I hate my legs :D:D But I bought it,it's very short,very Japanese-style and what the hell was I thinking buying it?! :P But cool side of Japan is that here you can wear whatever you want,even a pijama and noone cares. It's very easy to catch that trend,especially that many Japanese girls don't look like they have any complexes or sth. Oh,and considering that I am 180 cm tall I thought I will never buy any clothes here. Nothing more far away from true! And in many shops prices are not that high. I paid for my skirt as much as for last food shopping in supermarket >.<

I am wondering if anyone read that to the end...:D Because I think we just had an earthquake here xD My walls,doors and everything started to shake a bit lol...I'm scared. It's the second time. Last time was at night and Alice said her bed started to move. The other friend had the same feeling. And I was sleeping like dead,as always,so I didn't notice anything :P So my next task for today: get to know what to do in case of earthquake. Welcome to Japan <3 :D
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16 April 2010 @ 10:44 pm
Holy crap,what was that day supposed to mean lol...I woke up and my first strange thought was that I am loosing on weight very quickly. All my clothes became baggy. Mainly trousers. Normally I would say "yooopie yay,mamma",but I am only for a week here and that shall not happen >.< I ate wonderfully big breakfast, which contained a yogurt. Very small,because Japanese yogurts are like 2 times smaller than the smallest I ate in Poland. It's a kingdom of minimalism! :D But since I don't want to look like a skeleton, I went to buy something to eat right after the Japanese classes. When I was in the Fresta (<3) with my roommate,Alison, an old Japanese lady came to us. Of course that's normal when someone comes up to you and start talking, but when they start to hug you,cry,invite you to eat some sweets and it's in Japan, your first thought is..."WHAT?!" O_O Not to mention that nice,after all,lady said I'm Alice's (love to call Alison 'Alice',guess why xD) older sister. Do I look that old?Thankies,obaasan ;P

But whatever. I prepared a hirugohan today!! Maris,I took that photo specially for you,yatta ne! :D

It's udon with nori and soy sauce, fish and inarizushi. I first wanted to add raw egg to udon,so as to make it more Japanese,but last time I ate it like that I felt sick for next two days xD Oh,and obviously inarizushi is not made by me T_T but it's totally my fav kind of sushi in the world! <3 And I dunno if you can eat udon with nori, but I didn't die so far,so...:D

Everything would be great beside one thing. Today we had a welcome party for international students. And here there are three basic questions:

1. Why didn't anyone tell us it's an official party with President,all staff,cameras etc.,etc. We would just be there on time with Alice,instead of watching Japanese/Korean dramas for too long :P
2. Why didn't anyone tell us we are expected to say some speech in front of those about 50 people. I would prepare myself since I'm very shy about that stuff :P
3. Why the hell didn't anyone tell us there will be tones of food there? I would not cook my freakin hirugohan then ;__;

OK,we were not that late, we made it for President's speech. OK,my speech wasn't that bad,I was able to say sth in Japanese and later on President and others said "nice speech" to me. No,it was not. My Japanese sux,I think,comparing e.g. to Korean students,but they wanted to be nice to ryuugakuseitachi,so ok <3

Then time to eat. Everyone was eating,and I took lots of food too so as not to be different. You know,in Japan,when you are in group you need to act collectively. So I acted and now my stomach hurst so bad haha...I swear,I won't eat for next 2 days at least :P

So after all that food I am not anymore afraid about my weight. That's a nice recap of this day. Love being here. If all my problems will be resolved like that, I can live here forever ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

And what I actually wanted to say is that Hiroshima itself takes care about everything. Water,air and food is amazing,humidity makes skin nice and fresh. And when you are too lazy to do sports, you do it even though. Why? Because mountains in Japan are everywhere. And when your uni is placed high on the mountainside you just need to do sports so as to get there lol.

Worse part of my everyday way to school. Stairs.

More stairs.

And just in case you still can breath more freakin stairs!

Of course Japanese students do not have any problems with that,just like with the cold weather and humidity making hair look horrible. They're just used to. So every day when I finally reach the end of this horrible road, I cannot catch a breath and am laughing like crazy, cause we surely look funny for Japanese students xD They're so classy and cool,they don't get exhausted and we,exchange students are breathing like vacuum-cleaners >.< :D

And the last thing,which I actually wanted to do at the beginning is that I took some photos of my room, since some was curious about how does it look,my tiny private space in crowded Japan xD So if my roommates from Poland are reading it now,I expect them to say "ohhh,ahh,woow,cool". Got it?:D:P

General view:

My window and balcony entrance in one. Oops,sorry,my towel is outside lol:

My beloved tatami:

My favourite part of the room,where I am probably sitting writing this:

Why fav?There's my laptop,my Japanese books,some candles,I can see photos of my friends. Also some Alice Nine stuff,not much,towel from last live,leaflet about concert in Nippon Budoukan so as to remember how proud I am of those boys. I still hadn't arranged everything yet, but I at least have this photo. It makes me smile every morning lol...I am such a silly fangirl xD

I just so love Shou's expression when he is drinking using sipper, I think it's kawaii xD I saw it already at other pics and I just had to put this on my wall <3

And actually...I think my entries are too long xD So I'll just go to bed since tomorrow we've planned a trip to downtown with some Japanese students. The weather shall be really nice,finally. Sore jyaa,mata! (^-^)/
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14 April 2010 @ 11:58 am
I hate him, I swear I hate Shou-kun :D He's doing it on purpose!Today before classes I just checked his blog and he posted that photo :

He wrote sth like he got bored by his look so is thinking about new earpiercing and also checking red contacts...or maybe I didn't understand right,but whatever,I was too much in love with the photo <3 Of course it totally made my day, but why the hell does he have to be so cute :P

I took some pictures of pamphlet that I bought before live in Tokyo. I am going to scan them, as soon as I will find out where to do it. Possibly at my uni there is a scanner, check it tomorrow! I'm only wondering how to explain that I need a scanner O_O Maybe I'll prepare a speech today or something...;>

Another thing because of which I hate Shou is that I bought this pamphlet only because of one sample photo that was shown by the uriba. I just saw it and thought "I need to have it":P It's all about the eyes *_*

Also like these. And Tora's pics are so great *______*

My camera obviously sux to such photos, but still, I love the pamphlet ^_^

Today was so cold in Hiroshima.Again!And funny thing is that Japanese students seem to be used to it and they're wearing clothes that I would normally wear under another six jackets . But I don't have six jackets here. I have one and it's not enough to make me stop freezing. But all exchange students are like that. I guess it's just an other climate. E.g. today it was a normal day, no rain (finally!) and the air humidity was over 50 % O_O In Poland when it rains the humidity reaches 50 %. In Japan, about 95, I think :P

Obviously instead of cooking I went to explore Hiroshima's food market. I mean, some supermarkets and shops little bit cheaper than Aeon Mall. Of course all of us was doing shopping in the Aeon,since it's huge,closest (about 5 minutes from my flat) and we only knew that place. Hiroshima downtown is about 8 km from my place thus buying there won't work. I am too lazy to catch a train to downtown each time I wanna buy eggs :P One plus of Aeon is Starbucks :P

But at yesterday's classes my advisor was suprised that we buy in Aeon and not in cheaper places. Oh,c'mon,we're here for a week only! But he told us he himself buys in Fresta and Pro-foods. So I went to check out where it is. About 10 minutes away and prices are really better! I made some shopping,so once again I'll challenge cooking. Tomorrow :P It's because sometimes when you add prices of products+energy+time to cook, it takes more than when you just eat somewhere.On the other hand, when you eat at home you don't need to worry about all those Japanese people looking at you :P Like when me and my friend wanted to order udon. I told the lady (in Japanese) which one we want, but even though she came to us and we had to show her at the picture ^_^ All were looking at us like at some baka gaijintachi, but who cares :D

About communication with Japanese, I noticed something funny. When I get lost (because GPS in my head is not working at all) and am coming up to Japanese to ask about the way, they look at me so frightened and probably are thinking "oh noes". But when you start to speak just a little bit in Japanese, they are the most friendly people in the world. Even if they don't know the way, they'll find someone who knows! And they will go with you,if the way is to complicated. And still smiling! That's totally different from Poland,where if you ask someone,they'll just tell you they don't know,and bai bai. I really have a lot of respect for Japanese people for that :)

Since today is just an ordinary day, I'll do my Japanese homework and think about proposition of my subject for Independent Study with prof.Harada. Need to add that all classes here are so freakin interesting!Do all Japanese learn such cool things?If so,I am moving to Japan. It's only Wednesday,we still haven't met all lecturers and all classes, but after those I had,I would like to attend all. Time to decide! :D
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13 April 2010 @ 05:39 pm
So I think it's a quite time to write something here, since I promised myself to update as soon as I get to Japan. It's a week or so since I came here, so let's go.

Today I was wondering if live in Hiroshima is going by so fast or sth? In Poland I felt like I had a plenty of time to do everything and here I barely have a second to change clothes O_O I have no idea how Japanese are always in such a harmony...it must be some secret that me,gaijin, is not able to understand at the moment ;>

Today we had the third day of our orientation week, I also met my advisor. He's American,living in Japan for 23 years and drinking Pepsi. Wonder how it will affect our work together :P

I finally managed to do sth normal with my room, now I have candles,my books,Alice Nine's posters and towel from Zepp Tokyo live at my wall ^_^ What I like the most about my room is that is washitsu. Japanese-style rooms ftw! I have tatami on the floor and those cool moving doors in the lockers,all wooden. And as soon as I've put my favourite things at walls the room became very...mine :P

Yays,I get so dreamy when I start to think about the last weekend in Tokyo. Just a random pic I took after the live, so as to believe I really was there :P Cause I steel need to convince myself to that >.<

The night after live me,my friend and painfulkiss@LJ was sleeping in capsule hotel in Asakusa. It was pretty cool experience, but Japanese style bathroom is still too much for me lol. Next day I was dying in the Starbucks at Shibuya (my neck still hurts a bit after that freakin headbanging:). Then me and my friend went to Harajuku. It's a funny place. Especially Takeshita Street. It's a paradise for fangirls, I swear, fan staff is like everywhere,vending machines,photos,key holders,posters and purikura. I made some with my friend,lol,silly ^_^ I saw many Alice Nine stuff, hehe,wanted to get a Shou-key holder, but was not sure if I'll win the right one,so I just bought exactly the one with Shou at the other shop <3 :P

After we've spent too much time at Harajuku,we came back to Shibuya. I love the view at Shibuya,but especially at night. I felt like crying when I had to leave,honestly :)

Today I also had my first Japanese classes. Because of it I had to get up at 7.30 what was not a good idea after about 5-6 hours of sleeping during last weekend in Tokyo. Strange thing is that from all exchange students only I am in intermediate group. The most of my friends here are beginners, so they have classes all together. And today I was alone with Sensei O_O But I am kinda happy, it is like private lessons and I am going to take as much of my stay in Japan as I can to improve my language. Sensei told me I'll have lots of work and looking at what she gave me to do as a homework today, I can believe her :P

After Japanese classes I had some free time so I went to the post office, where,of course, noone speaks a word in English.Using my strange Japanese and pretending to understand I managed to transfer some money. It's so freakin hard here!I mean, I am not saying that people need to speak English, but c'mon. Lady in an alien registration office couldn't speak English at all and the mochi-seller who started to talk to me and my friend in Hiroshima downtown was using it better than me. This country is crazy xDD Then of course,Starbucks. I wanted to write down something in my Traveler's Diary that I got from my friends before leaving from Poland and I ended spending there too much time and too much money and almost being lost for next classes :P I am not a harmonic like Japanese,at all :P

It's almost the end of Hanami Kisetsu in Hiro. When I arrived,sakura was still blooming an I was able to take some pics of them. What I really like about Hiro is the landscape:

Tomorrow I'll try to cook something by myself. But I still have lots of problems with buying things :P I buy stuff I don't know and sometimes it ends like I eat buttermilk with coconut...just whatever:P Oh,and I take a photo of everything that I eat here. Just to show friends from Japanese school how does it look here in Japan, but also if I'll die it was surely from the last thing you can find at my camera lol

Now I need to do something to make my blood start moving. My room here is so cold, that sometimes I cannot sleep. But today I found an electronic radiator that was left by previous students, so it's not gonna be that bad :D And time to get some rest,finally! (~,~)
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